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Fill the Questionnaire  and apply to obtain the ACE certificate and logo. Send the form to:

A basic profile of the submitted event will be created on our website. However, only the evaluated events, which will fulfill the standards, will be awarded the ACE certification and full profile. With the certification, your event will be visible to extensive academic network and potential conference participants as a certified event that fulfills technical and academic criteria. Your full profile will be with the link to the conference website and the website of the organizers. Moreover, obtaining permission to use ACE excellence logo on your website makes your event to stand out from the crowd. You can supply your profile with pictures from previous events organized by the same Organizing Committee.  All certified events will be advertised and promoted with a slider at the first page on the ACE`s website as recommended events.

Creation of a basic profile will be granted to every submitted event free of charge. However, in order to defray the costs of the evaluation procedure, management of the website, logistics, and marketing activities, ACE team has included registration fee for the evaluated and certified events. The registration fee covers all the benefits the organizer of the certified event is entitled to.

Registration Fee

50 EUR ………….1 event

97 EUR…………..2-5 events

150 EUR………..5-10 events

197 EUR……….10-15 events

300 EUR……….15+ events